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Watching Edie Hardcover 1Watching Edie Hardcover
Beautiful, creative, a little wild… Edie was the kind of girl who immediately caused a stir when she walked into your life. And she had dreams back then—but it didn’t take long for her to learn that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to.

Now, at thirty-three, Edie is working as a waitress, pregnant and alone. And when she becomes overwhelmed by the needs of her new baby and sinks into a bleak despair, she thinks that there’s no one to turn to…

But someone’s been watching Edie, waiting for the chance to prove once again what a perfect friend she can be. It’s no coincidence that Heather shows up on Edie’s doorstep, just when Edie needs her the most. So much has passed between them—so much envy, longing, and betrayal. And Edie’s about to learn a new lesson: those who have hurt us deeply—or who we have hurt—never let us go, not entirely…

‘A slow-burning but well-executed tale of the toxic feminine friendship … equally Edie and Heather are completely plausible, and Camilla Way cleverly manipulates the reader into using sides, first one particular way, then the opposite.’ Daily Mail

‘Atmospheric and tense, Watching Edie Hardcover explores what happens when female friendships switch harmful and reaches a stunning conclusion which will leave you wanting a second instalment’ Closer

‘Gripping’ Superior Housekeeping

‘A fantastic balancing act that slowly and gradually builds to an explosive, twisty finish’ Sunday Mirror

‘Trust me, after you have concluded, you are going to switch the ebook about and start again’ Stylist, E-book Wars

‘Gripping psychological suspense, Looking at Edie is incredibly claustrophobic, trapping us as observers in the intricate and suffocating connection concerning Edie and Heather, compelled to view until their mystery is finally revealed’ Fiona Barton, Sunday Situations bestselling author from the Widow

‘Warning: this guide will leave you emotionally sucker-punched … Observing Edie is just as if The Talented Mr Ripley creator Patricia Highsmith grew up in Nineties smalltown Britain … totally gripping’ Stylist

‘A gripping psychological thriller’ Hello there

‘An unrelenting perception of dread shadows this tale of the friendship gone wrong’ Woman & Home

‘Dark, debut novel about why you should never convert your back on a best friend’ Red Magazine

‘Way expertly explores the dark side of friendship in her psychological suspense novel’ Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Evaluation

‘Compelling, dark and intense, this tale of a friendship absent wrong will keep you guessing until finally the end’ B A Paris, No. 1 bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors

‘A taut suspense novel that drops secrets in all the right places’ Julia Heaberlin, bestselling creator of Black-Eyed Susans

Watching Edie Hardcover has a clever plot, a fateful friendship, a callous betrayal, and an ending that is as twisty as it is inevitable’ Alexandra Burt, bestselling writer of Little Girl Gone

About the Writer
Camilla Way was formerly an editor on the style magazine Arena and has written for Stylist, Elle and the Guardian.

She 1st became interested in the theme of harmful female friendships and the question of whether we can ever, truly, escape our past after hearing a news story about a teenage friendship that went horribly wrong.

Camilla is now a full-time writer and lives in south-east London with her partner and twin boys.

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  • ‘Compelling, dark and intense, this story of a friendship gone wrong will keep you guessing until the end’
    –B.A. PARIS, No.1 bestselling author of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS


    Edie is the friend that Heather has always craved. But one night, it goes terrifyingly wrong. And what started as an innocent friendship ends in two lives being destroyed.

    Sixteen years later, Edie is still rebuilding her life. But Heather isn’t ready to let her forget so easily. It’s no coincidence that she shows up when Edie needs her most.

    Edie or Heather?
    Heather or Edie?

    Someone has to pay for what happened, but who will it be?

    ‘WATCHING EDIE has a clever plot, a fateful friendship, a callous betrayal, and an ending that is as twisty as it is inevitable’
    –ALEXANDRA BURT, international bestselling author of LITTLE GIRL GONE

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